„AS MATEK has been highly professional both in technical drawing and construction.“ Per-Øivind Wold, Villa Utvikling A.S
„Flexibility and innovativeness make AS MATEK an easy partner to work with.“ Roar Fuglerud, RF Prosjekt AS

Matek signed sponsoring contract with Estonian Yachting Union


Matek renewed sponsoring contract with Estonian Yachting Union on 25th November. New contract was signed for next 2 years to sponsor Laser-class team. It is one of the simplest Olympic class boats that took part in the Olympic Games for the first time in 1996. Matek has been sponsoring Estonian Yachting Union since 2005.

Tammiste kindergarten produced by Matek received award „Factory House of the Year 2010“


Tammiste Kindergarten produced by Matek received award „Factory House of the Year 2010“

At the end of November by the leadership of  Estonian Wooden House Cluster and in association with Estonian Forest Industries Association and Puuinfo award „Factory House of the Year 2010“ was announced first time in the history of contest „Wooden House of the Year“. First award was nominated to Tammiste kindergarten produced by Matek AS.

Jury evaluated in selecting the best factory house the architectural design of the building, low energy emission, user-friendliness, social context, usage of material and constructional-technical quality. Leader of the contest Wooden House Cluster manager Elari Kivisoo said that Tammiste kindergarten had interesting and outstanding architectural solution that qualified well for the criteria put up for the contest.  This building is unique being Estonia’s first kindergarten built 100% of wooden constructions. In design and building process the emphasis was on high quality of indoor climate, low energy emission and cosiness.

The aim of setting up a new category in the competition was to popularise factory produced wooden houses and introducing its benefits to a wider public. Producing wooden house in a factory guarantees more precise outcome and higher quality than comparable houses built on construction site. The erection stage is also quicker and more efficient. Whole process is carried out by specialists and existence of necessary project documentation is always guaranteed. 

The houses to be presented for the competition had to be produced in Estonia and had to be completed by 31st of October 2010.

Jury of competition „Factory Building of the Year 2010“ consisted of 8-members  from Union of Estonian Architects, Estonian Society of Art Historians, Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, Estonian Forest Industries Association , Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies and Estonian Wooden House.


Our credit rating continuously the highest


AS Matek’s credit rating was rated with highest level „excellent“(AAA) fifth year in a row on basis of profit-and-loss statement 2009 by Krediidiinfo AS belonging to Experian Group. Less than 1% of Estonia’s companies hold the same level of credit rating.

Production of Matek in international building exhibition SAIE2010


Building Exhibition SAIE2010 taking place in Bologna from 27th October until 30th October 2010 is one of the biggest in Europe. Exhibition is mainly oriented for qualified professionals. Despite the economic crises it had about 176 000 visitors and 1600 exhibitors last year.

Already second year in a row Matek’s wooden constructions and houses has been presented at exhibition by our representative in Italy Bonato Construzioni in Legno. This year our products are located in hall 16, stand A/1. Matek house’s fragment and references can be found at our representative’s stand.

Matek has cooperated with Bonato Construzioni in Legno for one year and they have represented us at several building exhibitions: April 2010 Rimini and June Pescara.

Matek sponsors Tallinn Yacht Club Cup


Tallinn Yacht Club Cup taking place in Lohusalu 20-22 August is sponsored by Matek AS among the others. The sailing contest is taking place already sixth time and is an event of the EYU Olympic Sailing Estonian Cup series. Competition is open for all sailing classes.

Matek sponsors Zoom8 World Championships


Zoom8 class World Championships in sailing take place in Lohusalu from 26th July to 31st July. Matek among other company sponsors the event and thereby the development of youth sports. Zoom8 is a youth class which has become popular in Estonia in a short period of time. We have about 30 active sailors from Tallinn, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa and Pärnu. Also Estonian Yachting Union acknowledges it as a youth sailing class. Northern Europe, Europe and World Championships take place every year.

Cornerstone of Tammiste’s kindergarten placed


Managing director of Matek Sven Mats, construction manager of Koger ja Partnerid Toomas Ruus and mayor of Sauga’s rural municipality Vello Tiidermann placed cornerstone of Tammiste’s kindergarten today. Kindergarten will have 4 groups for up to 96 children. In addition there will be sports and leisure facilities available in the building for all local residents. This building is going to be Estonia’s first kindergarten built 100% of wooden constructions. Matek, the producer of the elements has long experience in production and erection of kindergartens in Norway and Sweden. In design and building process the emphasis is on high quality of indoor climate, low energy emission and cosiness. The architect and designer of constructions is Jüri Kliimask from architect office Pluss. Building will be completed by October 2010.

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