„AS MATEK has been highly professional both in technical drawing and construction.“ Per-Øivind Wold, Villa Utvikling A.S
„Flexibility and innovativeness make AS MATEK an easy partner to work with.“ Roar Fuglerud, RF Prosjekt AS

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Quality requirements and certificates in timber frame house production

MATEK has developed and introduced a quality management system which conforms to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008, in order to ensure the quality of products and services, keeping the deadlines, efficient internal work procedures and the resulting cost-efficiency. In addition, Matek has concluded an open-ended contract on quality control supervision with an independent German quality control institute at Braunschweig which issued the DIN 1052 Certificate of Conformity to the products of Matek in 1997. Since June 2009 Matek has got NBI Technical Approval No 2532, the certification was cofinanced by European Regional Development Fund.


To be the most reliable house producer and provider of construction solutions with the best service standards for our clients.


The mission of MATEK is to satisfy the needs of the client with ecologically clean products which enrich the living and work environment. Our product allows you convenience and savings.
To be an employer who offers stability, well-rewarded work and development opportunities.
Maintenance of the good image of the company and increasing its goodwill through ensuring the satisfaction of clients and employees.


We proceed from the following values in our daily operation:

–               Professionalism
–               A pleasant, efficient and healthy living environment for the client
–               A high-quality product
–               Sharing our experience and skills with the client, provision of fast and flexible solutions.
–               Reliability —
we keep our promises
–               Team work —
achievement of results through cooperation
–               Innovation
— novel technical solutions



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