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Timber frame house

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Prefabricated timber frame house – quality home within few months

Matek Houses are known for high quality – only dried and planed timber is used in manufacturing. Prefabricated system makes it possible to erect houses within few months.

Main arguments for choosing timber house:

Timber is nowadays the only widely used renewable construction material. In addition to that timber has several other benefits:

–          lightness
–          easily processed
–          high thermal resistance
–          easily adaptable

People who appreciate clean nature, low maintenance costs of a dwelling house and all in all a construction solution which has the least effect on the ecosystem, choose a wooden house.

The main arguments FOR prefabricated timber houses are quality and speed:

–          Production in a plant assumes a thorough construction design and finding solutions for assemblies, which in its turn ensures high quality of the components and the entire building.
–          A prefabricated system makes it possible to erect houses within 3 or 4 months and construction works can be performed all the year round.

Matek always tries to meets customer’s requirements and sets high standards to its products and services. In our production process we use only materials that have either internationally recognized certificate or authorisation. Use of materials with random or unsteady quality and unfamiliar outsourcing companies or suppliers is excluded.

Quality guarantees by Matek:

–          Only dried and planed timber is used in production.
–          Our quality management system of design, construction and distribution of timber frame constructions has been built up according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and has been certified by Bureau Veritas in February 2006.
–          Matek has concluded an open-ended contract on quality control supervision with an independent German quality control institute at Braunschweig which issued a certificate of conformity to the products of Matek in 1997.
–          In June 2009 Norwegian certification authority SINTEF Byggforsk has issued a certificate on Matek’s timber modules and elements according to requirements, field of use and terms set by Technical Approval no. 2532.

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