„AS MATEK has been highly professional both in technical drawing and construction.“ Per-Øivind Wold, Villa Utvikling A.S
„Flexibility and innovativeness make AS MATEK an easy partner to work with.“ Roar Fuglerud, RF Prosjekt AS

Matek announced as the winner of third Annual Contest Pre-Fab House of the Year

13 November 2012, Category News

Estonian Woodhouse Association and Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster announced third Annual Contest Pre-Fab House of the Year winner Matek AS theirresidential housing project in Norway, Sætre made of prefabricated timber frame structures.

The winning building is an apartment house with 10 apartments ranging from 76 m² to 174 m². House is combined from timber frame prefabricated elements and concrete walls/ceilings made on site.

Matek has won the award also in 2010 for Tammiste kindergarten in Sauga.

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