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Matek signed construction contract for new plant

26 July 2011, Category News

Sven Mats – managing director of Matek and Peep Sakk – member of board of Nordecon’s subsidiary company Eston Ehitus signed a construction contract on Monday to start building a new plant for Matek on premises in Pärnu Turba street 25.

Premises of the plant with the territory 30 296 square meters are located in Pärnu’s industrial area named Rääma. Total area in the building to be constructed is about 7700 m2 and it will occupy up to 150 employees. The building has to be handed over to the client in February 2012.

„The goal is to produce up to 120 000 square meters of plane elements and volumetric elements with floor area of 10 000 square meters, which would be doubling production capacity compared to current numbers“ commented Matek’s managing director Sven Mats.    Matek has been located on rental premises so far, but according to Mats they do not suit their requirements anymore due to technological development of the company.

Full cost of the project including purchase of premises, construction and moving of technological equipment is 3,5 million €. The project will be financed partially by internal funds and partially by bank loan. Supervision of construction project will be carried out by  AS Telora-E and the author of project is AS Meistri Projekt.

Matek is a producer of custom made prefabricated timber frame houses, established in 1988, thus the oldest company engaged in modern prefabricated timber solutions in Estonia. 95% of the sales volume has been exported during previous years and main export markets are Norway and Sweden. Matek mainly produces tailor made apartment houses, kindergartens, schools. Private houses are also projected, produced and built. Net turnover of Matek in 2010 was 138,8 million Estonia kroons and revenue 10,67 million Estonia kroons.

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