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Wall element

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Wall element

Wall elements produced in Matek and element houses constructed from them are always resolved project-based. All possible preliminary work has been carried out in factory. Wall elements of Matek have been insulated in factory and weatherboarding according to clients request from NCS catalogue has been mounted. Vapour barrier, tubes and boxes for electric installation, inner gypsum lath, windows, sheet metal over and under window, boards around windows have been installed. After-mounting insulation and installation of board and gypsum lath on joints will be completed on building site.

The frame of the panels is produced of timber, which corresponds to C24 (EN 518), with moisture content 15 ±3%.


I Measures of the frame

Thickness, mm


Width, mm

External wall element

145, 170, 195, 220, 245

With additional layer 45 mm

190, 215, 240, 265, 290

Internal wall element

70, 95, 120

Spacing of columns, mm

≤ 600

II Maximum measures of the elements

Length, mm

≤ 12000

Height, mm

≤ 3000


Depends on the construction

III Physical characteristics of external wall elements

Width of frame b


Thermal transmittance

U=W/m² K

145 0,267
170 0,231
195 0,204
145+45 0,209
170+45 0,187
195+45 0,169
220+45 0,154
245+45 0,142

Weatherboarding is once painted and nailed on the external wall element in the factory.
The elements are packed in an upright position and covered with a weatherproof material.

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