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Volumetric elements

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Volumetric elements

Volumetric element is a product where building’s floor, walls, ceilings and roof are installed together already in factory. Electricity, water supply, heat and ventilation works have been completed in modular structure. Almost complete finishing has been carried out in factory. Wet rooms are tiled, walls painted or covered with wallpaper, floors covered with parquet or PVC. Sanitary appliances, luminaires and kitchen set have been installed.

Volumetric elements are delivered to building site on vessel and/or by car, larger apartment houses will be mounted on foundation within few days.

We have built following modular houses:

– apartment houses
– office buildings
– kindergartens
– elderly houses

Mateks’s volumetric elements’ maximum overall dimensions are:

B x L x H = 5 x 11,5 x 3 m

Basic measures of the frame:
Subfloor: 45 x 195, 220 or 245, spacing 300 – 600 mm
External wall: 45 x 245, spacing ≤ 600 mm
Loadbearing internal wall: 45 x 95 or 120, spacing ≤ 600 mm
Lightweight internal wall: 45 x 70, spacing ≤ 600 mm
Inserted ceiling: 45 x 145, spacing ≤ 600 mm
Ceiling: 45 x 220…340 (compound section), spacing ≤ 600 mm

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